Stick insects

Stick insect picture.

By Katie I recently went to a big home schooling meeting with my mum for a few days in the Ardeche, in France.  We went there in our campervan.  We drove through the Auvergne where there are lots of volcanos and then Ardeche which is famous for chestnuts.  I didn’t know this before but because […]

A visit to the Lascaux Caves

Lascaux is impressive: 20000 year old cave paintings now presented with high tech personal interactive tablets and headphones. The Lascaux caves, which give us a window into our predecessors’ palaeolithic life, are located in the Dordogne region of central France.  They have  attracted world wide attention since their discovery in 1940 by a young lad out walking […]

Swiss Chard – The Garden Unicorn

Swiss chard

By Jen Tinned spinach is not the most appetising way to get Popeye superpowers.  But there’s an alternative.  So easy to grow you do practically nothing.  Rainbow-coloured.  And with a share of recommended daily allowances that puts most foods to shame.  It’s chard.  We’d never grown, or cooked, or eaten chard until a couple of years ago.  It […]


Ce post décrit  ce qui s’est passé a notre inspection académique annuelle, ceci est obligatoire pour vérifier les enfants qui sont éduqués  chez eux en France. Ce qui se passe le jour même semble être du hasard, mais théoriquement tous les tests ou contrôles seront similaires. Il y a également une inspection tous les deux […]

Home Learning in France: The annual inspection

This post describes what happened at our annual academic inspection, a compulsory academic check on children who are educated at home in France. Exactly what happens on the day seems to be a location lottery, but theoretically all inspections or contrôles should be similar. There is also a 2-yearly inspection organised by your local Mairie […]

Futuroscope is cool!

Futuroscope buildings

By Katie A few days ago, I went to Futuroscope with my mum and friends in the campervan. Since it was a Monday there was hardly anyone at the park. In just one day my friends and I did every single attraction in the park. The first attraction that we went on was called “Tour […]

Worldschooling: Our First 5 Months

In a nutshell: sleep and trust and doubt. I’m not sure whether to call it unschooling or worldschooling. Katie is more decisive. She thinks “unschooling” sounds a bit nothingy. She likes “worldschooling” whether you’re static or on the move because the world’s the world wherever you are. I’m not really bothered about the name. We […]

Les Chevaux Kelpies

Les Kelpies

Par Katie Il y a quelques jours j’ai visité “Les Chevaux Kelpies” avec ma mère et des amis. Les Chevaux Kelpies sont situés dans le Park d’Hélix à Grangmouth en Écosse.  Cette œuvre représente deux chevaux de travail; ils étaient utilisés pour tirer les péniches le long des canaux et travailler dans les champs voisins. […]

Scotland, The Kelpies

Les Kelpies

By Katie A few days ago I visited the Kelpies horses with  friends and my mum. The Kelpies are located in Helix Park in Grangemouth in Scotland.   It represents two working horses which used to pull barges along the canals and work in the nearby fields.  It’s approximately 30metres high !! The Kelpies are […]

Tacoyaki in Japan


In Japan there is lots of delicious and unusual food; but one of my favourites here is called tacoyaki. It’s delicious!! It’s a sort of little round dumpling with octopus, ginger and onion !! They either put plum sauce or mayonnaise on the top, and sometimes dried fish shavings!!  We had egg on ours too. […]

Are you always late?

by Jen It’s taken a while – and a lot of google searching and reading – to realise I am a classic CLIP.  I’ve always been late since I was tiny.  I try not to be.  I always am. The title photo is a copy of a piece of paper I carry around in my […]

Unschooling: The Beginning

We are about to set off on our unschooling adventure, one step at a time. We have been asked lots of questions. Why? How? What’s the difference between unschooling and homeschooling? What about social interaction? What about exams? What about the future? What about motivation? Do you have to be a teacher? Is it legal? […]

Location independent or travel adventurer: what’s a “slow CELTA”

Slow movement Brittany

Want to teach English abroad? Doing a 4-week intensive CELTA (Certificate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is a bit of a whirlwind – often a life changing whirlwind but a whirlwind nonetheless. I remember it well. Facebook came into its own for me as fellow participants and I messaged back and fore […]

How to get Terry’s chocolate orange when you can’t get Terry’s chocolate orange

This is something I’d really recommend. It turns out even nicer than bought chocolate orange. You need: 4 organic oranges (you’re going to be eating the skin) 120g sugar 500mls water Dark chocolate – to melt (I used 3 bars) Remove the skin carefully from the oranges, keeping as much of the white as you […]

Japan: Hashima, an island with a dark past and “home” to a James Bond villain

Hashima battleship island

It’s also called Gunkanjima, Battleship Island, so named because from a distance it looks just like a deserted battleship. Imagine an island which is classed as the most densely populated place on the planet in 1959 plummeting to zero inhabitants only 15 years later. It’s now a spooky crumbling island with a dark past: the […]

A night train in Japan….

Night train in Japan

….is cool!  A double decker. Our train was from Osaka to Tokyo; this was mid-journey for the train, so we had from 12.32am to 12.34am to hop on.  Exactly. You can use a Japan Rail Pass and pay a supplement. Because the supplement was only £50 each we thought we were in standard class, but […]

Guest post by Nancy Sathre-Vogel: does roadschooling work?

Nancy is a ballsy kind of lady.  There aren’t many mums who would cycle 27000 MILES with their kids from Alaska to Argentina and round the USA and Mexico….  She’s been on TED, she’s written several books on travelling with kids, and her new one Roadschooling: Education Through travel came out last year. When we set […]

You can help a REAL Elephant today……yep, today. A real elephant.

By Jen …..or tomorrow morning over breakfast. Or at lunch time. If you’ve never been involved in crowd-funding before, where ordinary people make extraordinary things happen, you just click on this green link. And tadaaaa, you’ve helped buy a little bit of land to rehome an elephant. Most of us love elephants. Most of […]