A day at a Japanese School

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By Katie

I was very nervous in the morning ! I had to leave our apartment before 7:00 am to get there for 8:30 am.  In Tokyo, till about 9:00 am, it’s rush hour and everyone gets squashed like sardines in the subway!!
Subway in Japan

Can the subway get any fuller than this? … Yes!!

It’s amazing how many people you can fit in a subway train !!
I thought that the train was full but more people got on, and at the next stop even more people got on. At the next stop even more people got on.  And at the next stop my mum and I were laughing because… EVEN MORE people got on.
Subway station Japan

Beware always stand on the left side in Tokyo!

We had to change train a few times. On the escalator you have to stand on the left in Tokyo but in Kyoto you have to stand on the right – it was confusing!
When we arrived at the school I went to meet the vice principal and the principal – they were asking lots of questions: where I was from, how old I was… They were interested that I could homeschool, because in Japan it’s very rare.  Two students then came down to meet me and they introduced themselves in English. I said hello in Japanese  (Koninchiwa).
School in Japan

Can you spot me?

The students took me to their classroom.  I had to say a few things about myself.  The big sign above the blackboard means: everyone+ teacher+students working together.   It’s to remind the students that it’s good working together.
In the class we learnt how to write a few Japanese symbols.   I learnt how to write my name in Japanese.
After that we had to change the goldfish’s water so I had to catch the goldfish in a net then put him in another container.
Fun games in Japan

You don’t want to play this game if you have sore legs.

Hoola-hoop games

For this game you only need your pinky and a hoola-hoop!!

We all played a game where you had to sit in a circle with your legs on the outside then you grab each others’ arms to make a strong circle. The person standing up has to pull your legs and try and make you let go.  And we also played another game where our team needed to put our pinkys on a hoola-hoop and slowly bring it towards the ground without dropping it.  We had to work together for it not to fall.
Once the class finished we had a few minutes to do what we wanted so we went to the library in the school.  After the break was finished we went to craft class where we learnt how to use a sewing machine and how to sew.
Sewing class in Japan

It’s useful to know how to sew and use a sewing machine!

We all had to make a table mat.  I think that the craft class was my favourite.
After the craft class, it was lunch time.  We actually had lunch in the classroom with our new table mats!  Before we started eating we put our hands together and closed our eyes and then everyone said enjoy your meal. At least that was what I think we said.
For lunch everyone had the same thing, we had a little bottle of milk, a rice salad, vegetable soup and a pear for pudding (yum).
After lunch we went to sports class.  First we played tag, then they were practising their dance rehearsal for a show, so I couldn’t join in (because I didn’t know the dance moves.)  After the sports class, everyone that I met gave me a little letter saying thank you for coming and that they really loved my company. Since they all gave me an origami and a letter, I gave them my email address, a little letter and I also gave a few people some origami cranes.  I’m going to write to them when I get home and tell them about life in France.
Trying on a kimono in Japan

I love having new Japanese friends!!

And that was the end of my day at a Japanese school!  It was so much fun and it was a good experience.  I was a little bit sad that the day was over.
Wellie boots in typhoon season

You can see lots of colourful wellie boots in typhoon season!!


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