A night train in Japan….

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….is cool!  A double decker.

Our train was from Osaka to Tokyo; this was mid-journey for the train, so we had from 12.32am to 12.34am to hop on.  Exactly.

Jr pass

Japan Rail pass. Great value but has to be bought outside Japan by non-Japanese nationals.

You can use a Japan Rail Pass and pay a supplement. Because the supplement was only £50 each we thought we were in standard class, but we had a private room each. The rest of the train consists of twin bunk rooms and sleeping berths in communal cabins.  It looked like it had just been unwrapped.

Inside night train Japan

Open beds, in groups of 4, with curtain dividers.

It’s a good idea to reserve in advance. There were almost no spaces left a week before travel – and you need to wait till you get to Japan to reserve at a JR office.

What a great way to travel! The lower cabin windows are at platform height. There’s space for a bed, a shelf along the side for a bag, and a small section of floor space for a suitcase. The twin bunk rooms have a little more floor space., but then you’d have two bags.  There’s a mirror, heating, a plug, an alarm, a coat hanger for your clothes, a pair of slippers, stripy jammies and bedding. The pillow was like those beanbags you heat in the microwave, which moulds to your head.

Night train Japan

Double decker bedrooms.

Inside a night train Japan

We were downstairs.

Inside a night train Japan

Washrooms and toilets on the first floor. Showers in the next carriage.

Inside a night train Japan

Single rooms.

The train rocks a bit but I had a good night’s sleep. Before you get your jammies on, wait a few minute because the conductor will come round to check tickets. You can buy a shower voucher in the morning if you fancy a shower, or there are wash cubicles where you can go to do your teeth. Remember a towel, or something to dry yourself with.

Inside a night train Japan,

I The control panel and window blind.

Inside a night train in Japan

Slippers and jammies.

About an hour before the final stop, there was a wake up announcement over the tannoy. The train pulled into Tokyo just after 7 in the morning.

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