Adopting a Kitten in France

Cute kitten
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By Katie and Jen


Before I left on our year’s travel, I wanted to get a kitten because in 2012 our cat called Hambel died. She was very old when she died, nearly 17!

I miss her so much, so that’s why I decided to get a little kitten. But mum said that I should wait until the end of our travels to get one. When we got back from the trip mum found a S.P.A centre [French Society for the Protection of Animals] where there were kittens and dogs. She found a little kitten that was 2 weeks old, she was a female who was found in a cardboard box in the woods. She could have died if the S.P.A didn’t help her!

We went to visit her for the first time when she was 3 weeks old. She was so cute.  She was being bottle fed by a foster carer. We had to wait to adopt her till she had her first injection and she was 8 weeks old. This is a picture of us meeting her for the first time ever.

Cute kitten
Here Lilly is 3 weeks old when we visited her for the first time.

During the month I was learning from the internet how to look after kittens and I was also looking for a girl’s name for her. I chose to call her LILLY .

This is a picture of the people that found Lilly and me when we went to collect her, if you can’t spot her she is in the transporter!

Taking Lilly home from the SPA.
Taking Lilly home from the SPA.
A welcome sign from the dog.
A welcome sign from the dog.
Cute kitten
Getting to know one another.
Cute kitten
Arriving home.

She was scared when she arrived which is normal. This is her the first time in my room.

When you have a kitten as small as Lilly you need to remember to take lots of pictures of them because they grow up so fast.

Cute kitten sleeping
Worn out with all the excitement of Christmas Day.

P.s I told you they grow fast !!
Katie xx

The paperwork


This is France and adopting a kitten involved a small truckload of paperwork. To adopt from the SPA, you need to provide

– a copy of your passport or driving licence
– a copy electric bill or proof of residence
– a cheque deposit of €50 which you get back when your vet completes a certificate to show the cat has been neutered when old enough
– a €50 payment to help cover fostering and vet costs (for chipping, first injection, and flea/worm treatment).

Ownership paperwork is initially completed in the name of the SPA and then transferred, along with the address details for the microchip to the new owner.

Thirty-four emails later and we were done. Although to be fair we received lots of update photos from her foster carer, who handled and played with Lilly a lot which makes all the difference to their socialisation. She also asked for Lilly’s name early on so that she could start using it.

The SPA near us in Guéret, Central France, is very busy sadly. Abandoned pets or kittens, some lost or abandoned hunting dogs, pets who have been left behind when their owners have had to make an unplanned return to the UK and can’t afford a pet passport….

Although the adoption process is very thorough, the volunteers are very helpful and if you need them to, there’s someone around who can speak English.

You can also help by donating dog biscuits, cat and kitten food, litter and unwanted blankets to make cozy beds for the ones that didn’t find a home for Christmas. And of course, money, they appreciate donations.

More details are at


where you’ll also get links to the other centres in France.

Or email or

We have started getting Lilly used to car/campervan journeys, long car/campervan journeys, you know just in case…… Katie’s been on the internet and has a plan…

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