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By Neil

Invented by an Austrian named Franc Sacher this world famous chocolate cake is a must eat when visiting Austria.

It all started in 1832 when Franc Sacher was a cook’s apprentice at Prince Metternich’s court. One day out of the blue the Prince decided to have guests round but his chef was absent. Franc Sacher was asked to create a special desert and luckily for him it was a huge success.

Jen, Katie and I treated ourselves whilst in Vienna and visited the Sacher Cafe. There was a queue of about 50 or so people to get in. This was a good indication there was something special inside worth waiting for.

Once seated we ordered our sachertorte and coffees and sat patiently on them to arrive. Service was quick and the choc cake did look and taste lovely. It is traditionally served with unsweetened  Austrian cream called  schlag which is short for Schlagobers.



Vienna claims to be the coffee house capital of the world with over  approx 800 to choose from.

More than 360 000 cakes are made in Vienna each year and the original recipe is a closely guarded secret.

Sachertorte is a rich, yet light chocolate cake, traditionally covered in apricot jam then coated in choc icing. There are various recipes online and I’ ll be sure  to give this one a go when we return to France.

This seems to be a good link for the recipe. Why not give it a try.

And did you know an anagram of Sachertorte is ORCHESTRATE. HAPPY EATING


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