By Jen …..or tomorrow morning over breakfast. Or at lunch time. If you’ve never been involved in crowd-funding before, where ordinary people make extraordinary things happen, you just click on this green link. And tadaaaa, you’ve helped buy a little bit of land to rehome an elephant. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/building-a-retirement-home-for-elephants-in-europe/ Most of […]

You can help a REAL Elephant today……yep, today. A ...

By Jen This rural sleepy region in France has an older population. Sprightly octogenarians can be seen out chopping wood in the winter, or in the fields rounding up cows in the summer. The air is clean, there are more cows than people. There’s a back-to-nature traditional approach to life. […]

Europe’s first Elephant Sanctuary

By Matt and Adam The bit by Adam We are all up in Chiang Mai just now and there are lots of different things you can do. You can get your photo taken with tigers at Tiger Kingdom about half an hour away, or you walk 100m further along from […]

Elephants. Paper. Poo.