GREECE: Monemvasia

by Neil Monemvasia is a town in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It is located on a small island on the east coast and is linked to the mainland by a short causeway, only 200 m long. The town’s name comes from two Greek words, mone and emvasia, meaning “single entrance” and when you make […]

Greece: Olympia

By Adam Some interesting facts about Olympia and the Olympics. 1.  Olympia is where the Olympic Games took place in classical times. The track on which the games were held is 212 metres long and  28 metres wide. 2. The Olympic torch is still lit by a reflection of sunlight in a parabolic mirror in […]

Greece: Flowery Areopolis

By Jen The name Areopolis comes from Ares, the God of War, but actually these days it’s really flowery and pretty. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit. Very few tourists, lots of flowers. Around 1000 people live in Areopolis, the main town of Mani in the south Pelopennese. It’s said to be one […]

Greece: Meteora south to the Peloponnese – campervan stops and things to see

by Jen After Meteora and the amazing monasteries perched at the top of the cliffs  (Greece: Meteora, For your Eyes too), we drove to the Delphi ruins (Greece: Delphi, the centre of the Ancient Greek World). Then we headed to nearby Nafpaktos for Easter – there’s a candlelit procession to the fortified harbour – there […]

Greece: Free Places to Stay in the North with a Campervan

By Jen Here are a couple of places to stay in Northern Greece, with a campervan. THESSALONIKI Zampetas Motorhome Dealership N40.502607 E22.970404 Near the airport. Cost: free The owner’s family moved to Greece in 1969 from Germany. They arrived with a caravan, which was something new to Greece at that time. They were considered a […]