Home Learning in France: The annual inspection

This post describes what happened at our annual academic inspection, a compulsory academic check on children who are educated at home in France. Exactly what happens on the day seems to be a location lottery, but theoretically all inspections or contrôles should be similar. There is also a 2-yearly inspection organised by your local Mairie […]

Worldschooling: Our First 5 Months

In a nutshell: sleep and trust and doubt. I’m not sure whether to call it unschooling or worldschooling. Katie is more decisive. She thinks “unschooling” sounds a bit nothingy. She likes “worldschooling” whether you’re static or on the move because the world’s the world wherever you are. I’m not really bothered about the name. We […]

Unschooling: The Beginning

We are about to set off on our unschooling adventure, one step at a time. We have been asked lots of questions. Why? How? What’s the difference between unschooling and homeschooling? What about social interaction? What about exams? What about the future? What about motivation? Do you have to be a teacher? Is it legal? […]

Guest post by Nancy Sathre-Vogel: does roadschooling work?

Nancy is a ballsy kind of lady.  There aren’t many mums who would cycle 27000 MILES with their kids from Alaska to Argentina and round the USA and Mexico….  She’s been on TED, she’s written several books on travelling with kids, and her new one Roadschooling: Education Through travel came out last year. When we set […]

School of Life?

by Jen “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.” EM Forster. (The Passage to India bloke) To be honest I am finding home/campervan schooling quite hard. The responsibility of getting the right balance between the freedom of travelling and getting an “acceptable” education is not easy. By […]