Tacoyaki in Japan


In Japan there is lots of delicious and unusual food; but one of my favourites here is called tacoyaki. It’s delicious!! It’s a sort of little round dumpling with octopus, ginger and onion !! They either put plum sauce or mayonnaise on the top, and sometimes dried fish shavings!!  We had egg on ours too. […]

Japan: Hashima, an island with a dark past and “home” to a James Bond villain

Hashima battleship island

It’s also called Gunkanjima, Battleship Island, so named because from a distance it looks just like a deserted battleship. Imagine an island which is classed as the most densely populated place on the planet in 1959 plummeting to zero inhabitants only 15 years later. It’s now a spooky crumbling island with a dark past: the […]

A night train in Japan….

Night train in Japan

….is cool!  A double decker. Our train was from Osaka to Tokyo; this was mid-journey for the train, so we had from 12.32am to 12.34am to hop on.  Exactly. You can use a Japan Rail Pass and pay a supplement. Because the supplement was only £50 each we thought we were in standard class, but […]

Japan: eating bracken

When I see bracken in the garden or woods around me, I don’t instantly think, “Oooh tasty!” But after a wee trip to Japan, I decided to find out more about this pretty groovy plant. It’s eaten a lot in Korea and Japan. The main ingredient of a Japanese dessert called warabi mochi is bracken […]

Japan: What a tuna looks like and how to buy one.

Unless you want to accidentally acquire a hundred grand’s worth of tuna, keep control of any fingers prone to waggling or wandering at the Tokyo Tuna Auction. The Tsukiji fish market is the largest in the world. It’s estimated that 17% of the world’s caught fish pass through its gates. My cod! It has been […]