Ferries (Spain-Italy / Italy-Greece)

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By Matt

We caught two ferries recently from Spain to Italy and Italy to Greece. It saved us a lot of time instead of driving all the way round southern Europe. We did a calculation and the price of the ferry was pretty similar to the fuel, tolls and overnights we would have paid if we had taken the motorways. My mum was working, so it was just the four of us on board.

Here’s a map :

Screenshot (156)_1

FERRY 1 : Barcelona – Civitavecchia

Where – Barcelona in Spain to Civitavecchia in Italy

Company – Grimaldi Ferry Company

When – 19 March 2014 – 20 March 2014, 22:30 – 19:00

Time –  It was supposed to be 20:00 – 17:00

Price – We were 379€ for 3 adults, 1 child and a motor home

Tickets –  We bought the tickets online, well the payment information that you hand to the ferry company desk and they hand you over your tickets

Directions –  Very easy to find the ferry port, sign posts everywhere. In the port head to your company building to get your tickets. Boarding not so organised bit of a mess

Ferry –  was called Cruise Roma it was really big white, blue and a bit of red.

On board – Once we parked up the camper van. We headed to the reception to get our room keys, you just need to show them your boarding tickets. We got 3 cards for the room, they were digital cards. We were on floor 7, where the reception was.


Our room was nice we had 2 bunk beds one on each side of the room, a bathroom with sink, toilet and hot showers !! There was a small table with a mirror and 3 or 4 plugs. You could also get WiFi on the boat, I think it was 5€ for half an hour or 8€ for an hour.

Ferry, Bunk Beds, Transport, Ocean, Motor home

All the main stuff like restaurants and bars were on the 10th floor, you can take stairs or lifts to go up. There was also a Spa, Casino and gym on that floor. On the 11th floor, the top floor, was the top of the boat. You can walk around on the top, there are also bars on the 11th floor.

It is really windy though when you are in the middle of the sea. You can lean against the wind at 50 degres without holding on to anything !! On this ferry the one from Spain to Italy we brought on our own food. We had loads of sandwiches that we made the day before with ham and cheese, salad… We also had fruit, crisps, sultanas,biscuits…  We arrived in Civitavecchia quite late.

Thoughts – I would recommend taking the ferry if you were in Spain and if you wanted to go to Greece. Because it does save a lot of time maybe not money.

Road – Barcelona – Civitavecchia : 1273 km, 12h13min


FERRY 2 : Ancona – Igoumenitsa

Where – Ancona in Italy to Igoumenitsa in Greece

Company – Minoan Lines

When– 28 March 2014 – 29 March 2014, 14:30 – 18:00

Time – It was supposed to be 14:30 – 17:00

Price – We were 465€ for 3 adults, 1 child a motor home with electricity for free to plug the motor home.

Tickets – We bought the tickets online, well the payment information that you hand to the ferry company desk and they hand you over your tickets

Directions – Very big port as easy to find, better organisation on board than the first ferry.

Ferry – Can’t remember the name of the ferry I think it was Cruisa Grecia or something like that.

On board – At the ferry port we went in to the ferry company building that we were with. You have to go to the desk and show them our printed copy of our online payment and they hand over our tickets. In there you can get WiFi for 1€ = 30min, 2€ = 60min, 4€ = 24hr. So we stayed at that office getting WiFi until it was time to leave to board our ferry.

The boarding at Ancona was much more organised than Barcelona. For this ferry there were no security checks just ticket checking, so we boarded at roughly 2:30 pm. The ferry company provides electricity for all motor homes so we plugged in our cables and left the batteries to charge overnight. I took my big football pillow on board for the night !! We also had a 30% discount on food on the ferry because we had a camper van. So we had our tea on board we had all had spaghetti with bolognaise, it was pretty nice. We brought some food on for our breakfast, some bread and sultanas.

The room was nicer than the last one. It was more on schedule, we were supposed to arrive about 5 or 6 pm the next day and we did it was on time. We went back to the van, unplugged our cables and started to disembark. This was the first time in Greece for Adam, Katie and I. And there we were Greece !!

Road – Anconna – Igoumenitsa : 1704 km, 20h37min


Where we stayed

In Civitavecchia, we drove off the ferry and stopped at a huge layby an hour away, it was really nice actually. With a parc and a filling station just next to it, in a really small town. The next day we stayed there for the morning and had lunch.


We left in the afternoon and headed to Pergola, which was en route to the East coast. We stayed there for 4-5 days in an aire under a bridge with water and toilets.

Pergola, Italy, view, transport, motor home,

After that, we left to Ancona where our ferry was. We stayed at Ancona for 3 nights in this motor home aire 5 km outside the town. There was a motor home aire with electricity and water facilities and a parking just outside it where there were loads of camper vans just parked up. So we stayed in the parking area. There is a park just opposite the parking with swings and slides… And a nice walk along the port.


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