Futuroscope is cool!

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By Katie

A few days ago, I went to Futuroscope with my mum and friends in the campervan.

Picture of a campervan.

All packed and ready to go to Futuroscope!

Since it was a Monday there was hardly anyone at the park.

photo of a building at Futuroscope.

Pretty cool building, don’t you think?

In just one day my friends and I did every single attraction in the park. The first attraction that we went on was called “Tour de Vienne” or “Vienne Dynamique” It was amazing!

We went on several attractions but my favourite one was called  “Dance with Robots.”

And since there weren’t any queues I went on it at least 6 times!

Dance with the robots, Futuroscope.


Futuroscope pictures.

It’s Scrat, from Ice Age!

Meeting Sid from Ice Age!

It’s Sid!

I didn’t only have fun at Futuroscope, I also learnt things about the solar system, about animals, how animals survive…

Carnivorous plants image.

Carnivorous plants.

My second favourite attraction was called “Les yeux grand fermés” which means “Eyes closed” : Do an obstacle course in the dark with a blind person as a guide to learn what it’s like to be blind.

Les yeux grand fermés Futuroscope.

Just a few more minutes until we do the obstacle course. : ()

There are two attractions in buildings that are similar inside, the ceiling is a 360 degree dome, and it’s is also a screen!!

360 degree screen Futuroscope.

I would like to have a screen like this in my house!

In one of these buildings there is a 3D film that shows a magical underwater world with animals that look like tree trunks or that have a really good camouflage.

In the other building the 3D film is about things that we can see because they’re too fast, too slow, or too small.

  • Like the wings of a butterfly (with tiny little scales inside the wing).  This allows the butterfly to have such pretty wings (because the scales let light pass through them and look all different colours of blue).
  • Or the little beasties that live on our eyelashes!
  • Or the little drops of water that fall into puddles ( but before they fall into the puddle they bounce and turn into a smaller drop of water, and bounces again and again becoming smaller and smaller until the water tension allows the drop to join the water in the puddle ).

At Futuroscope we also learnt how many years it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose, or cigarettes butts….

There’s also a night show at the end of the day.  It’s lights that hit a mist of water and look like real people.  There are also lasers, flames and music. It’s amazing what you can create with water and lights!!

Here is a few more pictures of our time at Futuroscope…

Water bikes, Futuroscope.

Water bikes, weird but cool!


Futuroscope picture

A picture overlooking Futuroscope.


Photo of Futuroscope, France

Another picture of Futuroscope.

If you ever go to Futuroscope have a great time!

(We tried out the audio guides in English – you can get Spanish too – they are free, just take dome headphones with you.  They’re good inside the attractions if you don’t speak French, because they tell you lots of interesting information.)

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