Gas bottles in a campervan

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By Neil


When we left France one of the things we had to consider for our 10 month journey is what gas bottle(s) to take with us.

As we were travelling down France initially the first choice was easy, take a french gas bottle of butane. This cost 33 euros.

Our van has space for 2 x13kg bottles. As we were heading to Spain next we decided to leave a space in the compartment for a Spanish bottle.

The main gas supplier in Spain is Repsol and there are numerous fuel stations where you can buy these bottles. They cost about 15 euros, half the price of France.

On stopping at a Repsol fuel station we asked for a bottle but as we didn’t have a Spanish bottle they could not sell us one. So how could we get one?
A passerby overheard my conversation and asked us to follow him to a small diy shop in the next town. The man in the shop was very helpful and after a phonecall to someone at Repsol I was allowed to purchase a Repsol gas bottle along with the appropriate regulator. A push type regulator as below.


Our next stop was Morocco. What should we do now as we didn’t have space for a third bottle. There is another option called Gasflo whereby you purchase the gasflo kit c/w bottles and these can be filled up just about everywhere. But this is an expensive option.

Pictured below is how we saw an existing french bottle being refilled by a Moroccan one.

The bottle of butane cost £4.50 and there’s a refundable deposit of £9.00

To do this you need to make up hose to join the two bottles.


Shopping list – 1m gas hose, 2 hose clips, 2 female, left hand thread gas bottle unions and seals to suit. I bought all of this in a small shop in Tafraoute. Of course it does help if you can speak some french.

The full bottle, the red one should be placed above the one you are wanting to fill. The red one should also be placed in direct sunlight.This will warm up the bottle nicely and allow the liquid gas to flow quicker into the empty one. This takes approx 30 to 40 mins. If you place an old cloth in hot water and drape this over the red bottle this will also speed things along.

The empty bottle should be kept in the shade.

The gas bottle compartment in our motorhome showing the two types of gas fittings.


All of our gas bottle queries now solved.

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