Greece: Free Places to Stay in the North with a Campervan

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By Jen

Here are a couple of places to stay in Northern Greece, with a campervan.



Zampetas Motorhome Dealership
N40.502607 E22.970404
Near the airport.

Cost: free

The owner’s family moved to Greece in 1969 from Germany. They arrived with a caravan, which was something new to Greece at that time. They were considered a bit odd until a bad earthquake struck Thessaloniki in 1978, many buildings were destroyed, and interest in caravans and campervans suddenly took off. The business grew but it has always been more than that to the family – they are campervanners and passionate about it.

So at their premises, they have set up a small area at the back where fellow campervanners can stay, free of charge, for a night or two. There’s a washing machine available for use, toilets, electric and water fill/drainage, and wifi. All for free. It’s a weekday stopover normally, although we arranged to stay the weekend for the Thessaloniki marathon.

It’s easy to get into town – walk out of the premises to the bus stop on the same side of the road, catch the bus (number 72/69B – any which say IKEA) to IKEA, a bus hub, and then the number 3 into town. The bus is 90 cents – for the two legs if taken within 90 minutes, but you might want to stop at IKEA for the wifi in the cafe.

We did buy a replacement gas bottle and some pipe at Zampeta, which we needed, but there’s no obligation to buy anything. What I would say is that they are a very knowledgable bunch and if you do need a service or repair/upgrade en route, here is a place worth considering. Neil is a mechanic and he was very impressed at how much they knew, really knew, about campervans.

We were also given lots of tips on places to visit and things to see in Greece.

Here’s their email –



Taverna/Hotel Arsenis
On the road out of Kalambaka (East) towards Meteora monasteries
N39.708598 E21.654508

Cost: free

Kostas is a big, friendly Greek guy who has opened up an area beside his hotel/restaurant for use by campervanners for free. There’s a small charge if you want electricity – 5 euros I think (we didn’t need any) – and no facilities. But the place is right next to the stunning Meteora monasteries, it’s quiet, there’s a nice restaurant next door and there’s free wifi.


Kostas will of course encourage you to eat in his restaurant, because that after all is where he’s hoping to make his money. The food is made by Kostas’ mum, basic but good and reasonably priced, and they sell beer/drinks too. There’s a nice view and a seating area outside.

Kostas tells us a few German campervanners use his place, but he’d love us to pass on the word to British travellers.


Here’s his website –

Most campsites are closed till Easter time, even the beginning of May. So if you do want to use official campsites, check their opening times.

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2 Replies to “Greece: Free Places to Stay in the North with a Campervan”

  1. Thanks for the info on the free sites. Looks like you’re having a great trip

    1. Thank you :). In between those places, certainly out of season, it’s very easy to stop in areas at the side of the road – often with stunning views. We’ve been one night on a campsite out of 18 nights so far. And that was for a much needed load of washing 🙂

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