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By Neil

We arrived in Nafpaktos  planning to find a supermarket and stock up on provisions, but we ended up staying  4  nights as it was such a nice place.

Nafpaktos means boatyard in Greek and has a beautiful little harbour with cafes and restaurants .

Nafpaktos harbour


It has a pebble beach that runs the full length of the town and a fortress on the hill  which has fantastic views.

We parked right on the waterfront opposite the WAVE CAFE. Jen and Katie played on the swings.




Down by the beachfront we found a nice parking spot and settled in for the night. Across the road was a cafe called Wave Cafe . I ventured across for a beer, to watch some footie and to access some wifi.

This is when I met Djeni and her daughter Angie who were so friendly and helpful.

She is very passionate about her bread making and showed me what she had made. I mentioned we used to have a bakery and that I had a nice sandwich roll recipe I could show her. She was delighted and so was I at the chance to exchange recipes.


The next morning I invaded her kitchen in the nicest possible way started to show her how to make up the dough.

The recipe works better with brown sugar. This adds flavour and colour to the rolls. The only sugar Djeni had was the little sachets she serves with coffee . After opening about 15 of these we were well underway. With the dough made and resting it was time for a coffee.



She then started to show me how to make a pitta bread dish greek style.
This is the basic dough recipe –

Plain flour
Brown sugar 1 teaspoon
I teaspoon of balsamic

This is a quick dough and can be used straight away. I deliberately didn’t put in quantities as this would depend on what size of tin or oven dish you are using. The dough is pinned out very thin a bit like filo pastry.

Greek pitta dish

This is a layered dish consisting of 4 layers of dough in total. In between the layers Jen put a mix of spinach, spring onions , parsley, dill, sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil on the layers and finished with a dough layer on top.

It was now ready for the oven. Cook at 200 degrees for approximately 1 hour until golden top and bottom. Oil tin or dish thoroughly before placing on first dough.

This is it just out the oven and believe me it tastes as good as it looks.


The choice of fillings you can use are endless, she suggested cheese, eggs, spaghetti etc. But as it is Lent at the moment she doesn’t eat any of these for 40 days.

Easter is the biggest celebrated holiday in Greece more so than Christmas and Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell is played on tv every night for a week or so.

Meanwhile my dough was ready and we made up the rolls together and left for second prove.

We knocked back the dough and made up the rolls some topped with just flour and some with sesame seeds. Now to the oven, 10 to 12 mins at 200 degrees. Job done.


They have a lovely cafe and are really nice people and would recommend a visit if your in the area.


Direction to their cafe – after Lidl heading into centre of town turn right at the first traffic lights and head towards the beach. At the end of the road turn right and they are just on the corner by the sea.



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  1. Just back from Greece, and watched Robert Powell in Jesus of Nazareth too. Also our host was baking every day for Easter and shared them with us. Definitely going back to Santorini for Easter next year.

    1. It’s a great place to be at Easter – a big event in Greece :). Not made it to Santorini, maybe one day….

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