Home Sweet Home

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By Jen

Returning home after 10 months away in the campervan didn’t go quite as we’d envisaged.

We were imagining mixed feelings, a bit of stress about unpacking and then repacking to visit Scotland and family 6 days later, and generally being a bit lost about what to do first.

We had time for none of that. Fate took care of it all. Adam’s appendix decided it was going to have an “-itis” the first night back in its bed. By midnight the following night he was in the operating theatre having it whipped out, after a day of ultrasounds, X-rays, scans, hurls in ambulances and blood tests. We hit the ground running.

The only thing we’ve managed to empty out the campervan is the milk.

This was also possibly due to the minor sidetrack the night before of being robbed in a motorway aire (whilst trying to contact the UK because my poor brother had just had an unexpected trip of his own to hospital). And of the exhaust falling off the campervan after an exemplary 30000km of driving. An easy repair, Neil advises, if you have a week but not a day.

But you know what, it’s been ok. We gave up doing what we planned and instead have caught up with as many neighbours/friends/school chums as we can. And that’s the way it should have been all along. The unpacking can wait.


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5 Replies to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. May the rest of your homecoming go smoothly!

    1. Thank you. It was a baptism of fire right enough! Can only get quieter….

  2. Douglas Hogg says:

    So looking forward to meeting up again in France, Connor and I are leaving South Wales this afternoon. We’re bringing the sun!

    1. I’ll miss you! But everyone else around. Have fun in France 🙂 Jen x

  3. Moira Taylor says:

    Home Sweet Home 🙂 Its been amazing! See you soon, love Moira xx

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