Hungary : Budapest – MindQuest

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By Matt

What is it ?

MindQuest is a live adventure, puzzle game. You have 60 min to complete your puzzle. Good Luck !!

MindQuest, Budapest
MindQuest in Budapest

Where :

– 1072 Budapest, Klauzál street 19

Directions, MinQuest, Budapest, Stop Blaha Lujza ter
Directions to Mindquest in Budapest

Public Transport :

– Blaha Lujza tér is the closest stop from Mindquest. If you get off there then turn left on Rákóczi út, then right on to Klauzál utca go up Klauzál street for 250 metres, Mindquest is on the right.
It is next to the parc, it’s not that easy to find, it’s in an old open bar go through the bar then follow the stairs up and their it is.

Price :

– 2 person group : 6000 Hungarian Forint = 19,66€
– 3-5 person group : 10000 Forint = 32,77€

Website :



We heard of MindQuest from Heidi and Alan, our friends from Spain who are also currently travelling. They said it was really good, so we headed there.

The first time it was just Adam, Katie, Mum and I, we split up into two groups Adam and I and mum and Katie. There were 3 different quests or puzzles to pick from. There was The Diamond Heist, Mission : Matrix or The Bomb. Katie and mum chose The Diamond Heist and we chose The Bomb.

Katie the Victor
Katie the Victor

I won’t give you any pictures or details about the puzzle in case you would wish to do it some time. All I can say is that they are amazing !! Really really clever ideas to make the puzzle really clever and fun. Great place to g, it’s easier in a bigger group as we found out !!! You can do groups of 2 or 3-5 people. The more people there are the more pairs of hands there are.

We went another time a few days later my mum was away working this time so it was Adam, Katie, Dad and I this time we did one big team. The first time neither team managed their puzzle. But this time we completed the puzzle, we obviously did the Mission : Matrix because neither one of us had already done that one. We survived but with very little time remaining.

They also have a Facebook page. At the end of your puzzle they take a photo of your team and you can find it on their Facebook page they only put the photos of the teams once a month so they do the April group and still haven’t published our photos yet, they do all the May photos at the end of the month. So we should be in this one.

Signing the wall
Signing the wall

Once you have completed your puzzle they have a memory wall that you can write on and sign if you wish.

Signatures on MindQuest walls
Signatures on MindQuest walls


My opinion :
I really really enjoyed it, I would class it in the best things I have done this past year !! If you are in Budapest it is really worth going to especially if you are a group.

There is also something similiar in Vienna or even a few :

– Exit the Room

1080 Wien, Hernalser Gürtel 20, you can find all the directions and prices on their website above.

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  1. Oh how exciting! We are thrilled that you experienced the game. Isn’t it a blast? Oh how fun would that have been to do it with you.

    1. It sure would. For our three it was a real lesson in how important teamwork is if you want to finish in time. It was GREAT! Thanks for the recommendation. We told the place how we found it x

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