I met a monk and then fish ate my feet.

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By Katie


His name is Jor and he is 18 years old. He is a novice monk, because you need to be 20 to be a monk. You can start to be a novice when you are 10. He lives in Wat Phakhao in Chiang Mai in Thailand. His family lives 200 km away.


This is what he told me.

Why do you wear orange coloured clothes?

Monks wear three colours – red, orange, or brown. Buddha wore brown and monks in the country wear brown. Red is for monks from Burma and orange is for city monks.

Do you visit your family and do you have brothers and sisters?

I visit my family 2 time a year I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

What rules are there for being a monk?

There are 5 rules for being a buddhist

1/ don’t kill
2/ don’t steal
3/ don’t lie
4/ no sex
5/ don’t drink alcohol

There are 10 rules for a novice monk and 227 rules for a monk.

Why did you want to be a monk?

To make my family proud.

What time do you get up and go to bed?

I get up at 5:00 am and go to bed at 10:00 pm every day

What is the hardest rule for you?

No rules are hard anymore but before the eating rule was the hardest. The eating rule is that you’re not allowed to eat after 12:00 in the afternoon.

What do you do in the afternoon?

I go to school from 1:00 to 6:00pm Monday to Thursday or I meditate in the temple.

Can girls be monks?

No but they can be Nuns. They wear white.

If you follow the rules what happens? And what if you don’t?

You go to Nippan. Nippan is heaven for Buddhists and you will go into the next life comfortable. If you break the rules you won’t.

What is a monk’s job?

A monks job is to help other people and teach them about Buddha.

Are you on Facebook and do you use a computer?

Yes you are allowed but before you weren’t allowed. I go on Facebook and I also have a cell phone. It’s good for keeping in touch.


Jor was really interesting. He asked me about Scotland and school and my family. I made a picture of our family for him.

On the way home we stopped at the place Adam found. It is Juicy4u. I wrote my blog and had a smoothie.



When I went to the toilet it looked like I was in a jungle.


Then I did something brilliant. Fish nibbled my feet to get rid of old skin. It was very tickly. It feels like pins and needles. It was funny. My feet feel lovely.



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2 Replies to “I met a monk and then fish ate my feet.”

  1. Graeme Coutts says:

    Make sure you count you toes after those fish have been eating at them

  2. I can’t count my toes because I have no fingers.
    Ad xx

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