January Photo Competition

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In order to increase the tension in our 7.5 x 2.5m campervan, we have decided to start a monthly photo competition amongst its inhabitants.

We each take a photo during the month based on a theme. The anonymous photos will be judged by our lovely blog followers. It’s so nice when we are far away to get comments and feedback from you all, thank you. [Adam, if you contact all your friends and get them to vote for you, we will hunt you down and …… disqualify you.]

The winner of the competition will be exempt from dishes duty for a full week. This has already created a considerable amount of tension within the van, and the prize may have to be modified in future if things begin to look dangerous.

The theme for January was FOOD. It’s taken us a month and a half to work out how to put a poll on the blog. The photos are below. There is a week from the date of the blog post to record your vote.

The theme for February was RED and those pictures will be posted later. After that, we’d love you to decide future themes. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.

Thank you :). We will be kept on our toes looking for great pictures to remember our travels with.

Let the battle commence!

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4


Picture 5


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6 Replies to “January Photo Competition”

  1. I tried posting a comment on the poll site but I don’t know if it worked or not. The reason I chose pic 4 is because of the textures. It was a tough decision alright. Well done all 4 photographers and good luck!

  2. It worked thank you :)). Leave any suggestions for the March theme if you like. Feb is RED. xxx

  3. John Clarke says:

    I liked no 4 great depth of view, for a theme I would suggest ‘A Stary Night’ where you are now without the light pollution should make a fab pic, gas clouds etc

    1. Thanks for voting John, and for your theme suggestion. The stars are amazing, we had to google some constellations the other night, they were so bright.

  4. Number 5 gets my vote. Real stick to your ribs food. All photos are fab but 5 said food to me. I swithered about 4 but do you eat it or decorate your home with it?

    1. Hi Russ, thank you. Was quite exciting last night, most ever views on blog. Love to all the family 🙂

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