Katie’s day in the campervan

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By Katie

The boys are doing a fitness test and they got dad to do it too. When dad was doing it, mum and I wanted to make a very nice tea, as a reward for dad doing so well. This is me cooking the tea. We had chicken with green beans and rice with a chilli sauce.

Since I saw dad doing his fitness test I wanted to have a go so I asked Adam to teach me how to do it. This is me having a go. It was fun but a little tricky.


This is my cupboard where I put all my stuff. This is what it looks like when it is neat. I have taken my school books, my special earrings, my shop food and menus that I made, my favourite reading book, my money, my favourite Barbies and playmobil, my iPod cables and my iPod, my baseball cap and my sun glasses, my colouring and quiz book, my pencils and pens, my art book …


A few nights ago I wanted to watch a film so Adam helped me get things ready. I watched Madagascar with dad, tonight we are watch a film called The Way. It is all about the Santiago de Compostela walk, which is a famous walk that starts in France and ends in Spain and takes about 40 days to walk it . Tomorrow we are starting the walk but we are only walking 10 days.


Sometimes when the campervan is messy I hoover the floor, clean the bathroom, and hoover the crumbs off the beds. In the morning before everyone is awake I make the breakfast and a cup of tea for my mum and dad, the best thing about that job is that my bed can transform into a table. All I have to do is to unfold it.

image image

When I was on a walk with my mum and dad I saw a kitten so I drew a picture of it. I love drawing animals.


This is me looking in a pond in lovely gardens we walked round. There were signs about how to make different colours out of plants. The boys got bored and went away on their bikes.

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6 Replies to “Katie’s day in the campervan”

  1. sjcooksley2013 says:

    Katie, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog post. It is so well written and very interesting – well done! And what a beautiful drawing of the cat – you are obviously a very talented artist for your age. I hope you all enjoy the Santiago de Compostela walk. I watched The Way a few months ago and thought how much I would love to do it. I hope Granny is behaving herself!! Susan x

    1. Grandma did very well on the walk . Love Katie xxx

  2. Hi Katie, I’m looking forward to more of your blog postings! Nice to see what you get up to in the caravan. The text is a joy to read. Keep it up! Have fun on the great walk. Karin (back in the Creuse)

    1. I am glad you like it. Katie xxx

  3. Hi Katie, Loved reading what you are busying yourself with, lot,s of things going on there, loved the picture of the kitten and your drawing is superb. You are a little Trouper…cleaning,cooking, making breakfast…your Mum and Dad must be soooooo proud of you. Say Hello to your Granny from us..xx

    1. Hope you keep on following the blog . Katie xxx

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