Making delicious organic apple juice

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By Katie

A few days ago my neighbours invited me to make some apple juice with them, so I decided I would go, to learn how to make it, and to be able to do a blogpost about it! So here it is…

Cat pictures

Me and my cat Lilly

There are 5 steps in making apple juice, the first is to pick apples. My neighbours picked and collected 400kg of apples because they make apple juice, bread, jam… for a living. All of the things they make are delicious but my favourite thing that they make is definitely the apple juice!

1st step of making apple juice

There’s even more apples in the boot of the car!!

You are probably wondering at this point where they got all the apples! Well it’s simple : When people have apple trees but don’t pick or don’t want the apples my neighbours come past to collect them!:)
The second step is to wash the apples, so you empty all of the apple crates into a big tub filled with water.

2nd step in making apple juice

The apples getting washed

Once the apples have been washed they go into another tub which is joined to a sort of escalator for apples.

3rd step in making apple juice

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

The escalator takes the apples to the “Broyeur” ( masher) which grinds the apples up into little pieces.

Part 2 of the 3rd step in making apple juice

Doesn’t look very impresive but it works a dream!

Joined onto the broyeur is a tube which makes the apples fall into a tray.

4th step in making apple juice

It kind of looks like a fun ride at a water park!

Making apple juice

The apples are all ground up!

The tray that the ground-up apples fall into is called a “Claie” (big sieve) then a “Cadre” (frame) and then a “Toile” (cloth)

Making apple jus

There’s lots of layers still to go!

The claie is the first layer which allows you to pile lots of layer of apples on top of it.
The cadre is to shape the ground-up apples into a square, and the toile is a cloth to keep all of the apples together.
Once all the apples are piled on top of each other, you move onto the next step which is called “le presseoir” (press) which basically crushes the apples until their juice comes out.

Making apple juice

There’s a lot of apple juice coming out!

Once the juice is out of the apples it pours into a tub, and then it pours into a tap that has a filter around it, and underneath the tap there is a bucket that collects the apple juice.
And THAT’s how to make fresh apple juice!!:)

Apple juice

My rewared after a long days work!

But if you want to make pasteurized apple juice (which means you can keep it longer) you have to put the apple juice into a pasteurizer with water that is 75*c.
The apple juice goes through a tube inside the pasteurizer,so the apple juice heats up without the water touching it ( the boiling water in the pasteurizer  around the tube). When the apple juice has reached the bottom of the tube it goes into a bottle. And once it comes out of the tap it should be 75*c so that means it’s pasteurized!
The difference between fresh apple juice and the pasteurized stuff is that the fresh apple juice is sweeter but it only lasts for a few days before it turns into cider, but when it’s pasteurized it’s not as sweet but it lasts longer ( about a year or so ). The pasteurization process slows down the process of the apple juice turning into cider, because it kills all of the bacteria.
And.. Voila ! That’s how to make your own apple juice! And you only need one ingredient which is … apples.

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