Mushroom Hunting

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By Katie

Earlier this year, my mum and I saw a few mushroom hunters out and about.  We decided to go mushroom hunting the next day. At 7:00am mum and I set off with the dog. It was the perfect time to go looking for them because it had just rained.  Near our house in France, there is a walk about an 1 hour long that takes you into the woods, and that’s a walk we go on quite often with the dog.

Countryside in France

A picture of the Beaubiat loop.

The first 5 or 10 minutes we couldn’t find any mushrooms. But after a little while they started appearing everywhere!

Cepe mushroom

A big mushroom don’t you think?!

The first few mushrooms that we found were very unusual and pretty         ( but I think they were poisonous) .

We also found some “Amanita muscaria” mushrooms which are the ones that are red with white dots. ( In fairy tales fairies live in them.)

Red and white mushroom

Cool close up!!

The other type of mushroom that we saw was called “octopus stinkhorns” apparently they are very rare and they come from Australia and New Zealand! When we got back home: Mum and I looked up why we found octopus stinkhorns if they come from so far away.  And apparently in 1914 when World War 1 started Australian soldiers came over to France to help in the War, The soldiers took supplies with them and the mushroom must have contaminated them.  So that means just beside our house, in 1914, there might have been Australian soldiers hiding in the woods or spores travelled from their equipment.

Octopus stinkhorns

I think I’ve figured out why they are called octopus stinkhorns: they smell and look like an octopus!

After finding those really cool mushrooms we started finding mushrooms that we wanted: Chanterelles which is girolles in French and some cepes.

Basket of mushroom

You could make a very big omelete with all these mushrooms!

Once we were happy with the amount of mushrooms we found we went back to the house.  It was really an exiting and successful mission and now we can sit beside the fire eating our mushroom omelette beside a very sleepy dog!


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