My animals in France 2

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By Katie

It’s been a long time that I’ve wanted to do a blogpost about my animals, so here it is! 🙂

-I have a dog called Wooster, a kitten Lilly, two hens : Tracey and Ilana, a cockerel called Greame, three female sheep : Daisy, Dollie, Ellie and a ram called Shawn.

Picture of a cat and sheep

Pretty cool picture don’t you think?

They’re all lovely animals; but there is a little monkey in the group “Shawn”.  He is a little bit crazy : at night he chases the hens and runs round the garden as fast as he can!

Funny animal picture

He’s pretty crazy I think!!

– Would you believe that Wooster is a vegetarian dog!!  He’s allergic to: ( pork, beef, chicken, eggs, flour, pollen and dairy products!!) at this point you’re probably wondering what he gets to eat!!  Well he gets special dog biscuits that are salmon and rice flavour and he loves his fruit and veg.  ( if he sees meat he will eat it anyway!! He is a very lovely and funny dog!!:)

Close up dog picture

Wooster is a well behaved dog!! P.s He’s wating for his tea!!

Lilly on the other hand loves meat.  I adopted Lilly from the SPA=RSPCA.  Lilly is the cutest bundle of fur you could ever meet and she is so playful and loves cuddles!!  But the only thing is she likes to bring you presents of little chewed mice and then she doesn’t take them back outside!! She is really a lovely kitten though.

Picture of kitten sleeping

Trust me this is not the weirdest position Lilly has slept in!!

The cockerel is named after my uncle because they’re  both funny (in a weird way) example: My uncle pretends to be a french hamster on the phone. Is that weird or what!?

The good thing about Graeme (the cockerel) is that he protects the other hens and if your alarm is broken he will wake you up in the morning!

Picture of cockerel

Sorry about the blurry picture!:(

The hens are also very helpful because we get two eggs a day from them, and we make some delicious cakes!! But the only thing is they like eating your plants!!

Picture of hens

The hens are always hungry!!    

The hens and Graeme have to stay in here at night because there are foxes and pine martins nearby! But during the day they can go wherever they want!

And guess what… Even the sheep are helpful because they replace your lawn mower if it’s broken.  They even cut the grass when you’re sleeping!! So the next time you’re out looking for something to cut your grass you could buy sheep instead!! P.s you don’t even need to buy fuel for them!! 🙂

Funny picture of sheep

Shawn thinks Ellie is a ladder!

Sheep in garden

Can you guess where the sheep have been?

And Voilà! These are the crazy animals I own!


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2 thoughts on “My animals in France

  • Trish Brown

    Lovely to see how our little puppy has turned into such a handsome fellow. Please keep posting photos of Wooster so we can follow his progress. His sister, Penny, is also a great member of our family and we love her to bits. Thank you for giving Wooster such a loving home.

    All the best
    Trish and Graham

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