My animals ( Part 2 )

Kittens sleeping.
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By Katie

I’ve decided that this summer I am going to spend as much time with my animals as I possibly can.  So I thought it would be a good idea to write another blogpost about them.

I love animals so much!  I especially love all of my animals because they’re like my best friends.

The first pet that I have is Wooster, he’s my chocolate labrador.  Wooster is allergic to almost everything ( eggs, flour, red meat, pollen and dairy products ! ) so for his food we have to give him special dog biscuits that are salmon and rice flavour.  On the plus side though, he never complains about eating fruit and veg.  Even though he might be the funniest dog on the planet, he is the slimiest best friend I could ever wish for.

Chocolate lab
Him waiting for his food; such a good dog.

I have a cat called Lilly, she loves hunting and getting cuddles.  Lilly and Wooster are really good friends because if it’s really cold outside they snuggle up together on the tiles right in front of the fire.

Cat playing with dog.
Lilly loves playing with Wooster’s tail.

I have 5 hens and a cockerel, there are also 4 chicks but I can’t tell if they’re females or males yet.  Hens are a really nice animals to have because they eat all of the little bugs you don’t want in your garden and they give you freshly layed eggs which are delicious for cooking/baking with.

Chicks and hens.
Mummy and babies together.

I have 6 sheep; Daisy, Dollie, Ellie, Shaun, Claus and Charlotte.  I originally named Claus ” Arya ” but after a little while I realised that Arya was a male… Oops!  Sheep are really good animals to have too, because they’re like your mini lawn mowers.  Charlotte (one of the lambs) was rejected by her mother so I actually looked after her and bottle fed her until she was big enough to look after herself.  Charlotte got on really well with the older sheep ” Ellie ” and every morning I find them snuggled up together.

The day Shaun was born.
Bottle feeding lambs.
Bottle feeding Charlotte with my right hand and holding the chicks in my left hand.

The last animals I have are… ( drum roll, please ) STICK INSECTS! As a joke I say to people that I have 75 stick insects ( well, it’s not entirely a joke I have 4 adult stick insects and 71 eggs !).  I love watching my stick insects climbing the branches in their container; I find it weirdly relaxing.

Stick insects
Can you spot the stick insects?
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  1. Galaad and Ellie will be a bit sad to know they come below the stick insects, ha!!

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