Nearly there………

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By Jen

I knew I would have a problem with the packing. We all have a space about 30cm x 20cm x 20cm for clothes for our year away.

I can’t fill it. I will never ever be invited by a clothing manufacturer to be a sponsor.

This last getting ready bit’s been a bit complicated; letter to the Academic Inspector in France to pull the kids out of school, letter to the Mayor about the same thing, drafting a house sitting agreement, changing the electricity supply into new namews, selling the car, cancelling insurances, increasing other insurances, etc etc etc…….. But. We are there.

And we are pleased to say that Monique and family have safely arrived to house sit and are settling in for a couple of weeks before we head off proper at the beginning of September.

We’ve taken all the kids clothes that aren’t coming with us to the charity shop because they’ll be too small when we return. We’ve bought a double supply of dog food for dogs that are allergic to everything. We’ve passed on “what to do if the stick insects hatch” instructions and a “how to clean out the hen house” guide. We’ve prepared lists of emergency names and numbers. We’ve tried to empty and organise cupboards and put special teddies in the loft (the super special ones are coming with us, along with four Barbies and matching outfits – which will fit in my clothes box). We’ve cleaned the flue for the winter and it’s 35 degrees outside. We forgot to defrost the fridge. We’ve made up a first aid kit and a sewing kit and a tool kit. We’ve made a spreadsheet to keep track of how much, or hopefully how little, we’re spending. We’ve packed an alarmingly big box of documents we might need en route – passports (obviously), insurances, paperwork for next tax return, fool/Jenproof recipes for on the road cooking, innoculation records……..

I’m in Germany just now working and next week I catch up with the rest of the family who have just arrived in Scotland for a wee visit to see friends and family. Then, a quick one week teaching contract in Italy, and, we’re OFF!!! Yepeeee………….

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4 Replies to “Nearly there………”

  1. Soooo true. My clothes take up nothing…. but the necessary paperwork and adapters & chargers for for various things take up the bulk…thank god for iPads now!!! And with Christy, it’s his instruments! Good luck for Setting Sail Day. I’m looking forward to following your travels.xx

  2. Thanks Gabi. Adam’s planning on taking his guitar – it’ll live in his bed during the day and on the driver’s seat at night, when not in use :). But we’ve drawn the line at the piano. Katie yesterday asked if she could buy a fish from the petshop to take with us. Her logic being it was only a £.

  3. I think your trip will be amazing. Probably one day I’ll do the same… I hope you’ll have a lot of fun together.
    Jenn, you’re a great teacher.


    1. Thanks Gianmarco. Enjoy Germany 🙂

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