Photo Competition – February

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I have had a lovely week doing no dishes.  I was hoping that someone might make toffee so that I could benefit from my week to the max, but no such luck.  Jennifer Taylor, first winner of Campervan monthly photo contest.

It’s time for our February photo contest with the theme RED.

The same prize is up for grabs – a week of no dishes for the winner.  We have added in a contingency for a tie.  A two-way tie means no dished for 4 days each, a three-way tie means no dishes for 3 days each.  At this point we are delving into the realms of health and hygiene issues due to lack of dishwashing staff, so any more of a tie and nobody gets nowt.

Here are the photos, in a different order from last month.  Or maybe not.

Picture 1 – Shoes in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Picture 2 – Sunset in Tafraoute, Morocco


Picture 3 – Harissa in Fez, Morocco.


Picture 4 – Babouches in Fez, Morocco.


Picture 5 – Jeremy the cat in Al Ain, AbuDhabi


There were no late entries.  Tough love works it seems.

For sure, the competition is doing a couple of things within the van:

– we are each paying even more attention to our surroundings to find good pictures

– we are “scrolling back” through the trip to find old photos, and at the same time remembering the tiny details of how amazing it’s all been

Thank you for voting.  March’s theme is TRANSPORT, thank you all for your suggestions.  Can you think of a good theme for May?

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2 Replies to “Photo Competition – February”

  1. How about sunrises and sunsets for the April contest?

    1. Thanks for suggestion Bob – have a few nice ones of those! And I have more than the rest of them, so I like it even better 😉 J

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