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Hands that do dishes, I forget the rest. Neil Taylor was the winner of the photo contest for February. It was a clean sweep! It is now time for the March contest and the theme is TRANSPORT. Prize is the same…
Here are the contenders, remember Bullseye the game show, in one

Picture 1 – Flying over the Pyrenees


Picture 2 – Porto police take delivery of their new Rapid Response Vehicle.image

Picture 3 – Okaido the horse near Alicante


Picture 4 – Sunset crossing the Adriatic from Italy to Greece


Picture 5 – The Market Train, Maeklong village in Thailand


Can you please send us some suggestions on a theme for April’s Competition. Thank you for voting.

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  1. Suggestions for future photo contest: (1) people photos of the places you have visited; (2) unusual/exotic food items you ate (or didn’t!); (3) sunsets.

    1. Great, thanks for that Bob. We had a sunset suggestion already so that sounds like a good one. I often pass up the chance to take some amazing people photos for fear of intruding into their lives – so many cultures/people hate being photographed, but they are always the most interesting pictures.

  2. Suggestions: Architecture, Religion, The wonders of Nature, The environment, or What ‘to be on the road’ really means (that one would need a better title)

    1. They are great, thank you Karin! I especially like the what being on the road really means – although how much of that is caught on camera, I’m not sure! xxx

      1. how about the ‘ins and outs of being on the road’? Or of life on the road…? That maybe is a bit more graphical…. would give us homestayers an good insight…

  3. Thanks little g for your suggestion too – flora and fauna is a good one…. xxx

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