Portugal: Porto in Porto

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Douro Valley, Portugal

We liked Porto a lot. It’s a beautiful, friendly town and has a lovely feel to it. There’s a cable car near the centre of town which travels over the red rooftops of the port cellars up to the Luiz I bridge, designed by Eiffel. You can tell.

Porto in Portugal
Looking across to the bridge, Porto.
Luiz I bridge, Porto
Luiz I bridge from below
Porto Portugal
Port Cellars in town

We spotted the new police fast pursuit vehicle in the town. And Katie and Neil went along the waterfront near the camping area to the marina on their bikes.



But on the subject of bikes, someone stole Matt’s one (the only one of value) from the back of the campervan using wirecutters whilst we were sleeping. He’s understandably gutted. He’s spent a couple of years saving up for first the bike and then new gears, pedals etc. One of the times when we wish we had Wooster with us.

And talking of Wooster, the poor soul has just had an emergency op back home on his ear. He’s doing well but it’s been a bit of a worry us being so far away, for us and for Monique and Remmy who are looking after him. A huge thank you to Monique and also to Sarah for helping out with that. Wooster is now recuperating on holiday at Sarah and Steve’s. Here he’s playing the nose-is-too-short-for-the-cone-and-I-need-to-pick-up-a-stick game.


We’ve driven south to Lisbon now, and have found a fantastic overnight stop. Lots of campervans here, and no wonder for the views at sunset. It’s right on the waterfront, so you can sit with your cornflakes at breakfast time and watch the cruise liners go past. The monument lit up below is the Discoveries Monument, and above that is the 25 April Bridge which has the longest central span in Europe – longer than the Golden Gate Bridge which it looks like (they had to dig down 262 feet below the river bed to make the foundations and it’s a mile and a half long).

25 April, Lisbon
25 April Bridge, Lisbon, at sunset.
Discoveries Momument Lisbon
Discoveries Monument, Lisbon


Lisbon itself is nice too, although not as nice as Porto. There’s a cool tram – number 28 – which goes round the old part of town. All wood panelled inside, it’s like a funfair ride, the tram goes bombing down narrow streets just wide enough for it and then chugs up the next incline ready for the descent.


Tram in Lisbon Portugal
The tram in Lisbon is worth catching.

And we’re not missing out on Halloween. Pumpkin soup tonight.

halloween pumpkin
Happy Halloween 🙂
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