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By Katie

A few days ago I visited the Kelpies horses with  friends and my mum.

Kelpies in Helix Park

Can you spot the Kelpies?

The Kelpies are located in Helix Park in Grangemouth in Scotland.   It represents two working horses which used to pull barges along the canals and work in the nearby fields.  It’s approximately 30metres high !!

Kelpies horses

A close up picture of the Kelpies horses

The Kelpies are next to the Forth and Clyde Canal and it’s also near the river Carron.   The horses are called Duke and Baron.

Things to visit in Scotland

Duke is to the left and Baron is to the right

The sculptor of the Kelpies is called Andy SCOTT,  It only took him and his team 90 days to build them!!  They started building them on the 17 th of June 2013 and they finished them on the 27 th of November.

Kelpies are in fact mythical creatures – Scottish water spirits which were shape shifters and haunted rivers.  Andy SCOTT based the Kelpies on Duke and Baron, two real Clydesdale horses weighing about one and a half tonnes each!

The Kelpies are each made of 300 tonnes of steel and they are the biggest equine sculptures in the world.

Horses in Scotland

The other horse is hiding.

Looking after horses

Pretty cool picture don’t you think?

Pretty  amazing day I would say!! It’s worth a visit and at night they even light up.  Thank you to Aunt Jeanette and Aunty Debbie for taking me there x


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  • Jeanette

    We loved our time with you at the Kelpies on such a beautiful sunny winters day. Hope you and your Mum are having fun with your grandparents in lovely Elgin. See you in France next year. Love AJ

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