France: Sometimes you need a passport on a walk

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We like this area, to the north of the Pyrenees. Its beautiful. And green. And rugged. We were going to just drive through it, but we’ll be here for a few days yet.

There was a hiking plan couple of days ago.

And it all started off very well.  Katie and I were to do a mini walk and then tackle the smelly pants and socks mountain (we haven’t done a clothes wash yet so we have quite a collection), and the boys were to do a longer 5 hour walk round 2 lakes in the Pyrenees, and rejoin us for tea in the campervan.

Mountain horse, Pyrenees
Katie finds a mountain horse.
Horses Pyrenees
Horses by a lake in the Pyrenees.
Getting a spot of washing done.

But the boys fell into a spot of bother without the girls.  The walk began as planned.  Mobile phone reception is poor but they got an unexpected text message a few hours in saying “Welcome to Spain”.  Seeing as that wasn’t on the itinerary they had no passports or money.  By evening they had managed to find a kindly local Spaniard to drive them to the nearest village (back over in France) and they booked into a youth hostel, promising to pay later.

Where are we?
Definitely this way, Dad.

By road it was 2 hours away.  On foot 7.  So I had a driving the campervan baptism of fire. The road on the map looked like intestines and the name “White Mary mountain pass” wasn’t all that encouraging. What are the chances of not meeting a 48-seater bus on a hairpin bend with an overhanging rock face on your side of the road on the White Mary mountain pass? Clearly not high enough.

But all’s well that ends well.  We are reunited and have clean pants.

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8 Replies to “France: Sometimes you need a passport on a walk”

  1. Congratulations, Jen, on your trial-by-fire driving experience. Looks like winter is coming soon to the Pyrennes.

    1. I utterly deserved my gin and tonic that night !! With cucumber 😉

  2. Carol Marshall says:

    Brilliant. So glad u all have clean underwear! This is the kind of adventure you will look back on and smile. Happy travelling ♡

    1. Thanks Carol. I am so glad too we have clean underwear. And we did a MACHINE wash yesterday!!

      1. What a Day to remember….You saying they have washing machines up in them there HILLS… !!!!!

        1. And what a washing machine it was, a whole 8kgs! Needed every gram. xx

  3. clare marshall says:

    That is so funny. Sounds like something mum and Julian would end up doing!! Least it was an adventure! Never a holiday without chaos! Have fun xx

    1. Thanks Clare. We are. x

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