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Spain: Mud Bath near Murcia

You know how sometimes you meet people and instantly feel like you’ve known them forever? Well that happened with the Wagoner family in Spain. Heidi, Alan and their kids, Lars and Anya, are from the US but have lived in Spain for the past 18 months. They have “carpe diem” stamped all over their foreheads. …


The Farm in Spain

By Katie One of the favourite places I’ve been on our trip is Michiel and Myrna and Renny’s farm beside Alicante in Spain. It was my favourite because I love animals and I loved helping Michiel feed them, and helping in the kitchen making the food. When I was at the farm there was a …


10 things we learnt within a few weeks of setting off travelling….

By Jen We have been travelling by campervan for a few months now – in France, Spain, Portugal, the UAE, and Thailand (the campervan stayed in Europe). We have met other travelling families whilst on the road, and have joined internet groups where we can exchange tips and thoughts and ideas. It seems that most …