You can help a REAL Elephant today……yep, today. A real elephant.

By Jen …..or tomorrow morning over breakfast. Or at lunch time. If you’ve never been involved in crowd-funding before, where ordinary people make extraordinary things happen, you just click on this green link. And tadaaaa, you’ve helped buy a little bit of land to rehome an elephant. Most of us love elephants. Most of […]

A jumbo chance to help set up an elephant sanctuary in France

By Jen Chance is a wonderful thing. I arrived at our tiny winy local airport in Limoges this afternoon and who should I bump into but my elephant heroes, the founders of Europe’s first elephant sanctuary (Elephant Haven), Sofie and Tony.  It was a lovely afternoon talking elephants. Next week is the start of a […]

L’amour des Éléphants

Traduction Par Matt Lek veut dire petit en Thaïlandais. C’est aussi le prénom d’une femme qui a mis en place “Elephant Nature Park” le parc des éléphants, qui se situe environ une heure et demi au nord de Chiang Mai en Thaïlande. Malgré sa petite taille, elle n’a rien de petit. Cette femme est incroyable qui […]