I mentioned a plastic bottle greenhouse in this blog post…. http://ayearinacampervanwithtwoteenagerssnowwhiteandalab.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/moving-abroad-ways-to-help-with-integration/. This is what one looks like close up if you are interested in alternative architecture, and also how to make one if you get really carried away with the idea, as I hope you might. The idea behind the […]

A plastic bottle greenhouse is where it’s at!

A year or two after we moved to France I started as a parent helper at our primary school’s swimming lessons. I sat at the back of the minibus every Friday with a tiny school full of kids, winding along little country lanes towards “the big town” and the swimming […]

How to Collect Wild Musrooms and Survive!

By Adam Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser is an Austrian artist who believes that the straight line is alien to nature. His work is very colourful, and is shaped very organically. ¬†You notice this immediately if you’ve ever seen any of his work. Before he died in 2000, his work had […]

Austria: Hundertwasser Haus, Vienna