This post describes what happened at our annual academic inspection, a compulsory academic check on children who are educated at home in France. Exactly what happens on the day seems to be a location lottery, but theoretically all inspections or contrôles should be similar. There is also a 2-yearly inspection […]

Home Learning in France: The annual inspection

In a nutshell: sleep and trust and doubt. I’m not sure whether to call it unschooling or worldschooling. Katie is more decisive. She thinks “unschooling” sounds a bit nothingy. She likes “worldschooling” whether you’re static or on the move because the world’s the world wherever you are. I’m not really […]

Worldschooling: Our First 5 Months

School in Japan
By Katie I was very nervous in the morning ! I had to leave our apartment before 7:00 am to get there for 8:30 am.  In Tokyo, till about 9:00 am, it’s rush hour and everyone gets squashed like sardines in the subway!! It’s amazing how many people you can […]

A day at a Japanese School

Raising Miro are an intrepid mum and son duo currently in South America.  They are quite an inspiration to travelling families and Worldschoolers.  Thank you Lainie and Miro for the lovely article.  

Thanks Raising Miro

By Jen Essaouira is a town on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, below Casablanca and above Agadir. It’s a popular, attractive place to visit because of the fortifications around the old medina. The medina itself is a warren of stone alleyways, full of textiles, pottery, carpets and tourist nick nacs. […]

Morocco: Essaouira, some pictures and where to stop in a ...

Elephant nature park Thailand
In our ever-shrinking world there are so many different educational options and opportunities. It’s worth taking a look at how Lainie and Miro, a mother and son team, have approached this, thinking outside the box. They have been “on the road” for more than five years, learning as they go. […]

An interview by Raising Miro

It’s been back to school for nearly a month now after our almost-year away in a campervan. What’s it like to come home and settle into the old/a new routine again? A friend asked me yesterday if our wanderlust had returned yet. To be honest, for me it never goes […]

Returning home: a month of school later….

Travelling by campervan 10
A journalist from the Sunday Post newspaper in Scotland contacted us recently after reading our blog. Could he ask a few questions, it was a great human interest story? Sure. OK. Our blog started out as a diary and an update for family and friends that we were safe, well, […]

Taking the kids out of school – did the papers ...

by Jen After Meteora and the amazing monasteries perched at the top of the cliffs  (Greece: Meteora, For your Eyes too), we drove to the Delphi ruins (Greece: Delphi, the centre of the Ancient Greek World). Then we headed to nearby Nafpaktos for Easter – there’s a candlelit procession to […]

Greece: Meteora south to the Peloponnese – campervan stops and ...

Scotland campervan wild camping 5
By Jen This is our 100th blog post. We thought it appropriate and right that we should mark this emotionally-charged blogging moment by passing on some vitally useful and little-known-outside-the-world-of-long-term-campervanners information. Here are our TOP 10 PRACTICAL TIPS for travelling with many related people in a campervan. 1. Label all […]

Top 10 tips: Travelling in a Campervan with a Family ...

By Jen We made the decision to set off on a year’s travels without really knowing where we were going and how much it would cost. As it turns out, it was much easier to sort the when and why first. The how and where happened little by little afterwards […]

How Dumb is a Travel Budget of 10 € a ...

By Jen According to Greek mythology, Zeus set two eagles in flight from either side of the universe, and the point where their paths met was the centre of the world. They met at Delphi. It’s an outstanding archaeological site in breathtaking scenery. There are signs of life from more […]

Greece: Delphi, the centre of the Ancient Greek World

By Jen You might have seen Meteora in a James Bond film. James ascends the cliff at the end and throws the decoder over the side, in For Your Eyes Only. It’s a STUNNING location. Possibly the most dramatic site for a building I’ve ever seen. Meteora means “suspended in […]

Greece: Meteora, For Your Eyes Too

By Jen Khamlia is a tiny village in the south east of Morocco, not far from Algeria, and on the edge of the Sahara. It’s known for its Gnaoua musicians and the beautiful Erg Chebbi sand dunes not far away. Gnaoua is a traditional spiritual music originating in sub-Saharan Africa. […]

Morocco: Khamlia Primary School

By Jen aussi en français I loved Morocco the minute I arrived at Marrakech airport. The rest of the family had taken a week to drive slowly down from the port at Tangier Med, via Casablanca, and were getting used to the change in culture. It’s quite a change to […]

Morocco: Marrakech and Tagazoute, our first week

By Jen We have been travelling by campervan for a few months now – in France, Spain, Portugal, the UAE, and Thailand (the campervan stayed in Europe). We have met other travelling families whilst on the road, and have joined internet groups where we can exchange tips and thoughts and […]

10 things we learnt within a few weeks of setting ...

By Jen It’s an oft-quoted mantra, but today it was definitely true. I had the best day out with the boys possibly since our trip began. We went to a little market around 70km out of Bangkok where the train runs right through the middle of the market stalls, 8 […]

Thailand: The Journey is More Important Than the Destination (Mae ...

Chatuchak market
By Jen When we went to Chatuchak market in Bangkok, we had a pair of jeans and a leaf monkey on our shopping list. But they were clean out of leaf monkeys. They did have fried quail eggs….. …. helmets for dogs….. …. fresh pomegranate juice…. …. fish (dead or […]

Thailand: Jeans and Leaf Monkeys (Chatuchak Market and Wat Arun)

By Adam If you’re in Chiang Mai on a Sunday, you’re in luck, because every Sunday the Rajdamnoen Road is closed and hosts the “Sunday night market walking street”. If you want to go to a market in Chiang Mai, you must go to this one. There is a bigger […]

Thailand: Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street

By Matt and Adam The bit by Adam We are all up in Chiang Mai just now and there are lots of different things you can do. You can get your photo taken with tigers at Tiger Kingdom about half an hour away, or you walk 100m further along from […]

Elephants. Paper. Poo.

Last week we got the boat from Spain to Portugal. We didn’t even know you could GET a boat from Spain to Portugal. But you can. You cross the Miño estuary from Galicia. It’s a tiny ferry big enough for 4 cars or a couple of campervans. It costs 6 […]

Back together in Portugal

By Adam Normal school term has started in France.  I went to Italy with mum while she was working, we flew from Paris to Bologna, had a few hours to visit the city, had an icecream and a piece of pizza. Then we had a 1 hour 40 ish ride […]

Italian lessons