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Thanks Raising Miro

Raising Miro are an intrepid mum and son duo currently in South America.  They are quite an inspiration to travelling families and Worldschoolers.  Thank you Lainie and Miro for the lovely article. http://www.raisingmiro.com/2014/12/09/families-on-the-move-meet-the-amazing-family-behind-the-blog-ayearinacampervan/#comment-22807  


Home: Routine and Tiredness

Some people looked at us as if we were mad when we set off in a very small box aka campervan for a year, on the road to nowhere, as a family ie with our 2 teenagers and 10 year old. Even one of the UK newspapers which featured an article on our travels voiced …


Why now?

  Wooster as a puppy. How did we get to this upping-sticks-and-going-away-in-a-campervan point anyway? We need to take one jump further back first to explain what happened. We moved to rural France for a two year adventure in 2007.  We are still there 6 years later.   At that time we were spinning so fast …