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Ce post décrit  ce qui s’est passé a notre inspection académique annuelle, ceci est obligatoire pour vérifier les enfants qui sont éduqués  chez eux en France. Ce qui se passe le jour même semble être du hasard, mais théoriquement tous les tests ou contrôles seront similaires. Il y a également […]


This post describes what happened at our annual academic inspection, a compulsory academic check on children who are educated at home in France. Exactly what happens on the day seems to be a location lottery, but theoretically all inspections or contrôles should be similar. There is also a 2-yearly inspection […]

Home Learning in France: The annual inspection

I mentioned a plastic bottle greenhouse in this blog post…. This is what one looks like close up if you are interested in alternative architecture, and also how to make one if you get really carried away with the idea, as I hope you might. The idea behind the […]

A plastic bottle greenhouse is where it’s at!

Have you ever seen the film ‘Etre et Avoir’, To Be and to Have? It’s a docufilm which was released in 2002 about a tiny rural school in the Puy de Dome region of France. It beautifully follows the daily life of a schoolteacher and his little class of 4 […]

Moving abroad: 3 little Scots arrive at primary school in ...