By Jen Our drive up from the south coast of Spain was a bit of an eye opener. The views have stuck with me for all the wrong reasons. The Costa Almeria is a prime fruit growing area and you’d imagine farms, orange groves, greenery, tomatoes?  Not one little bit. […]

Spain: An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

By Jen We have been travelling by campervan for a few months now – in France, Spain, Portugal, the UAE, and Thailand (the campervan stayed in Europe). We have met other travelling families whilst on the road, and have joined internet groups where we can exchange tips and thoughts and […]

10 things we learnt within a few weeks of setting ...

Last week we got the boat from Spain to Portugal. We didn’t even know you could GET a boat from Spain to Portugal. But you can. You cross the Miño estuary from Galicia. It’s a tiny ferry big enough for 4 cars or a couple of campervans. It costs 6 […]

Back together in Portugal