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Slow movement Brittany 24
Want to teach English abroad? Doing a 4-week intensive CELTA (Certificate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is a bit of a whirlwind – often a life changing whirlwind but a whirlwind nonetheless. I remember it well. Facebook came into its own for me as fellow participants and […]

Location independent or travel adventurer: what’s a “slow CELTA”

By Jen I left the first 9-day block of intensive teaching/training/observation deliriously excited and exhausted. Now after a week writing my first “LSA” (the Delta world is full of acronyms, this one is Language Systems or Skills Assignment) I am just deliriously tired. I chose to write about modals, those […]

Holy Mother of Hell’s Bells. This Delta is tough.

Learning a language is about one of the most amazing and complex things that us humans do – it’s what puts us right up there at the top of the tree of power. It doesn’t mean we use that power wisely but it makes us different from goldfish. You know […]

Guest Post by Steve Hirschhorn: How do we learn a ...

Travelling by campervan 10
A journalist from the Sunday Post newspaper in Scotland contacted us recently after reading our blog. Could he ask a few questions, it was a great human interest story? Sure. OK. Our blog started out as a diary and an update for family and friends that we were safe, well, […]

Taking the kids out of school – did the papers ...

Getting a bit more organised….. House sorted. Our friends Monique and Remmy with their children Leandra, Quinn, Micah and Ilena are coming here to housesit and have a mini adventure of their own. We met through www.couchsurfing.org a couple of years ago; we have visited them in Woerden in the […]

Getting a bit more organised…….