By Neil It is now time for May’s photo contest and this months theme is Flora and Fauna which was kindly suggested by Jen’s mum Fay or Grandma to the kids. Here are the contenders – 1. On the way to Mount Olympus 2.  Flowers over the Attersee .   3. A huge big fairy wish […]

L’amour des Éléphants

Traduction Par Matt Lek veut dire petit en Thaïlandais. C’est aussi le prénom d’une femme qui a mis en place “Elephant Nature Park” le parc des éléphants, qui se situe environ une heure et demi au nord de Chiang Mai en Thaïlande. Malgré sa petite taille, elle n’a rien de petit. Cette femme est incroyable qui […]

Chiang Mai – how we got there, where we stayed, and the coolest shop in town

A bit out of synch, but for anyone travelling to Chiang Mai in the future…. TRAIN NORTH If you ever need any advice about train travel from anywhere to anywhere, look at It’s fantastic. And it has pictures of each type of seat available. We took the sleeper up to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. […]

Au Revoir Asia after One (last) Night in Bangkok :'(

Thai people are really friendly and welcoming, even those on the way to massive political demonstrations. The Western media has portrayed Bangkok as a dangerous place to be lately. Well, maybe the wiring is a tiny bit dodgy…. On the same day as the biggest planned traffic gridlock in Bangkok’s history, we had to cross […]

Thailand: The Journey is More Important Than the Destination (Mae Klong Railway market)

By Jen It’s an oft-quoted mantra, but today it was definitely true. I had the best day out with the boys possibly since our trip began. We went to a little market around 70km out of Bangkok where the train runs right through the middle of the market stalls, 8 times a day. The stall […]

Thailand: The Journey South to Ko Samui and How to Make Friends on Trains

There are anti-government demonstrations on the streets of central Bangkok just now so we took the underground to the main train station, Hua Lamphong. No taxi driver would take us anywhere near anyway because the traffic jams are huge. The Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, the sister of the ousted previous Prime Minister, has invoked security […]