School in Japan
By Katie I was very nervous in the morning ! I had to leave our apartment before 7:00 am to get there for 8:30 am. ┬áIn Tokyo, till about 9:00 am, it’s rush hour and everyone gets squashed like sardines in the subway!! It’s amazing how many people you can […]

A day at a Japanese School

Scotland campervan wild camping 5
By Jen This is our 100th blog post. We thought it appropriate and right that we should mark this emotionally-charged blogging moment by passing on some vitally useful and little-known-outside-the-world-of-long-term-campervanners information. Here are our TOP 10 PRACTICAL TIPS for travelling with many related people in a campervan. 1. Label all […]

Top 10 tips: Travelling in a Campervan with a Family ...

Getting a bit more organised….. House sorted. Our friends Monique and Remmy with their children Leandra, Quinn, Micah and Ilena are coming here to housesit and have a mini adventure of their own. We met through a couple of years ago; we have visited them in Woerden in the […]

Getting a bit more organised…….