Top 10 tips: Travelling in a Campervan with a Family Long Term

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By Jen This is our 100th blog post. We thought it appropriate and right that we should mark this emotionally-charged blogging moment by passing on some vitally useful and little-known-outside-the-world-of-long-term-campervanners information. Here are our TOP 10 PRACTICAL TIPS for travelling with many related people in a campervan. 1. Label all plugs It may sound a […]


Hands that do dishes, I forget the rest. Neil Taylor was the winner of the photo contest for February. It was a clean sweep! It is now time for the March contest and the theme is TRANSPORT. Prize is the same… Here are the contenders, remember Bullseye the game show, in one Picture 1 – […]

Getting a bit more organised…….

Getting a bit more organised….. House sorted. Our friends Monique and Remmy with their children Leandra, Quinn, Micah and Ilena are coming here to housesit and have a mini adventure of their own. We met through a couple of years ago; we have visited them in Woerden in the Netherlands and they have been […]