“The best way to get something done is to begin.” Anon.

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By Jen

In our family, we are each in our own way pretty busy over the next couple of months. This leads me to wonder exactly how organised we are going to be heading off on our travels. We have decided to adopt the anything is better than nothing motto. Secretly, the adrenalin junkie in me is a little bit excited that we have almost NO idea what we are doing or when we are doing the thing we don’t know we are doing.

Katie, however, asked a very useful question yesterday. “Mum, what time are we leaving on our trip?” “12 o’clock,” we said.  So that’s something very concrete sorted.

What are we each doing in furtherance of a smooth and harmonious departure?

The stick insect egg count is up to 47; the counting alone keeps Katie busy pretty much full time. Any slack is taken up with collecting bamboo, coloured stones and treasure for the end of year school concert.

Matt is catching up on sleep after his ballboying adventure in Paris. And catching up on the school work he missed. He is enjoying fielding questions from friends and teachers and dinner ladies about Nadal and Federer and Tsonga.  A very high percentage of energy expenditure is also going into growing taller.

Adam has his exams in a couple of weeks – which he assures us he is studying for whilst he is at the same time mastering the art of card counting and bottom dealing. We are considering altering our route slightly to include Las Vegas.

Neil, spurred on by panicky enquiries about whether computer chargers and hair dryers work with a 12V campervan power supply, is investigating inverters and transformers. He is also finishing repointing the gable end of the house and digging new trenches for the septic tank. It’s mighty satisfying to be rescheduling the next pointing job for 100 years hence.

And me, well I am working a bit more than normal, so that I can work a bit less than normal when we are on the road. I’ve just left for a 4 week work trip, the longest I have ever been away. It’s one of those Istanbul followed by Siberia trips. So any trip planning this next month needs to be Internet based. I had a follow-up Skype interview the night before last to start the Delta teacher training programme, like an MA for English Language geeks. I managed to blag my way through the present continuous, collocations and sentence stress and the start date is September. I like words. Possibly one of the funniest things I have heard was today – “What did zero say to eight?” “Love the belt.”

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3 Replies to ““The best way to get something done is to begin.” Anon.”

  1. When we kitted out our van, after selling my house, we had the same dilemma as Neal…inverters, leisure batteries, sockets and 12 volt sockets etc. in actual fact, we have never once used the Proper sockets but rely solely on our 12 volt supply and the leisure battery for electric lighting. We ve actually stripped down stuff that we initially installed. The ,simpler the systems the better. I don’t have a hair drier in the van for example as my hair dries really quickly en plain air. Also we never use Owens as they are too bulky and take forever to dry and if they don’t dry completely, get smelly. We just use sarongs. They dry almost instantly. I also don’t use a tea towel to dry dishes but let them dry.( Owens is the iPad word for towel! ) anyway, you ll have fun discovering all the wee tricks and shortcuts, and if you need something, you can always buy it en route. Xx

    1. Hi Gabi. You are pro campers! The only power we really need is to charge our computers etc; we’re a bit dubious just now about how well the solar panel leisure battery charger is working. I think we are getting an inverter. As a plus that’ll allow us to take the Hoover. 😉

  2. Take care Jen x Paxton family just arrived Florida all ready to meet Mickey Mouse and friends.

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