The boys plan a football day out

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By Neil

Jen has just gone to Germany for a week to work, teaching English. We dropped her off in the middle of the night at Porto airport to catch a flight to Hamburg. “Hamburg Airport” using Ryanair’s inventive cuckoo land map is in fact 65km from Hamburg, but apparently the place where she’s landed has very good cakes.


So, in her absence, I’ve done a post about a day on the Pilgrims Way, and I am looking at tickets to tour the Porto football stadium. José’s old stomping ground.

It is worth noting if you are moseying down Spain and into Portugal that

1. You need to change your watch as you casually drive over the border. That put our early morning airport alarms all to pot as we passed over the border late in the evening. Luckily one hour back, not forward.

2. There are weird electronic tolls that suddenly appear from nowhere as you are driving along what was Spain a minute ago but is now Portugal. Foreign vehicles need to hire an electronic reader from a post office apparently – we are still looking into that as its not something that was in the forefront of our mind in the early hours of this morning.

So anyway, here’s a bit of the Camino from last week.

9 Oct – Walked from Ligonde to Melide a distance of 24,8 km. A thick morning mist greeted us as we had an early start of 9.30am. Fig, olive and apple trees are plentiful here and can pick up apples along the route. Eucalyptus trees also are everywhere giving a lovely odour as you walk.


Crops of maize being harvested along the walk, the whole crop being pulped and turned into silage for cattle. We saw a bull in the field with a rope tied from his horns to one of his front legs, I presume this was a bull with attitude.

Fay spotted a passion fruit flower.

Passed through a place called Casanova, not much here – I think Fay was expecting more from Casanova.

Passed an old farmer lady on the way , boy she could spit!

After 16 km or so found a nice cafe stop and treated ourselves to a Shandy and an Estrella beer, ice cold, beautiful. Kids were forced to eat ice cream.

Pink winter lilies are dusted along the route, a nice blast of colour whilst walking.

Have met people from France, Canada, America,South Korea,Slovakia on the walk.

These structures are everywhere and after asking a priest can now say they are for drying hams and corn on the cobs. A posh air dryer with a religious theme.


Got two stamps from a man in a church in Palas de Rei while listening to Ave Maria – not something I do every day.

Looking in a mirror gives you time to reflect and exit signs are on the way out.

Lots of old boots hanging on shrines or trees along the way, but never in my size. Maybe to signify the long walk and sacrifices people have made.

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2 Replies to “The boys plan a football day out”

  1. Little G has landed home despite hassle with flightsThank you for allowing me to share the Camino experience with you.I enjoyed the close knit hospitality and the opportunity to have one to one quality time with the grandchildren.Thanks Neil for carrying the rucksack every day,a real gentleman(perhaps it was the picnic or most likely the comped within the bag) Good luck with the rest of your adventures,see you all soon
    Love G x

    1. It was the Compede 😉 xxx

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