The unexpected arrivals

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By Katie

At the moment our animals are multiplying every second!  With my stick insect eggs hatching almost every day, it’s hard to actually know how many animals we have…

My mum and I went away in the campervan for a couple of days to visit a place called Pompadour, so like we usually do when we go away on a campervan trip: we get everything we need packed into the van and we leave the boys ( my dad and my brother ) in charge of looking after the animals for a couple days.

Campervan photo
I love this campervan

On our second day away from the house we received a message from my dad saying that he had found 10 chicks in our bamboo ( we had no idea they were there ! ).  The mummy hen wasn’t looking after them from what we could see so my dad brought them inside and put them in a little box with a towel at the bottom.  When he brought them inside they were very weak so he lit the fire in the living room and kept them beside it for a little while…

Firestove photo.
That fire looks really nice!

The heat must have helped them because after a couple of hours they were moving about and churping quite a lot.  Next my dad gave them some water using caps off of a milk bottle for bowls, and a little bowl to put some oat meal in for them to eat.

Looking after chicks
I just want to cuddle them all.

Unfortunately one of the 10 chicks died because it was too weak… But the other 9 seem to be doing really well.  At the moment we’re keeping the chicks in the living room beside the fire to keep them cosy because it’s quite cold outside at the moment. It’s actually really lucky that my dad found them when he did because they probably wouldn’t have made it through the night.

One thing we don’t understand is how they hatched because we didn’t even know that one of our hens was sitting on the eggs… ( one of life’s great mysteries ).  So obviously I was so exited to see them when I came back from our trip away with my mum!

Picture of chick
Soooo cute!!!!
Goldne chick
There’s even a little golden chick.

When I went upstairs to check on my stick insects as well there was another 2 of them that hatched too!

Stick insects hatching
She’s so small you can barely see her.

All these little animals hatching just made my day…

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5 Replies to “The unexpected arrivals”

  1. Hi Katie.
    I do homeschooling in the vienne. I love your story! You write very well, it was really interesting to read.

    1. Thank you for reading my blogpost. I’m glad you like it.
      My mum was saying that you’ve got chicks coming soon…
      A couple of things that I can tell you is:
      Never help a hatching chick; sometimes they just take quite a long time ( it can take up to a whole day ).
      Get chick feed because the hen feed is a little to big for them.
      Make sure they’re cosy because that’s one of the most important things ( but if there’s a mummy hen, she’ll manage just fine ).
      Watch them quite often to make sure they’re okay and just have fun because they’re so cute to watch!
      From Katie

      1. Hi again!
        Six of our chicks have hatched! They are soooo cute!
        One of them is a bit whiter than the rest, and one a bit redder.
        Here’s my email if you want to stay in contact

        1. Hello, sorry we missed your comment! Hope the chicks are doing well xx

  2. Lovely post, Katie! I’m hoping I can get down to see you soon. I’m in Brest now, for another couple of weeks. Maybe shortly after that!

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