Wednesday it is.

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We are just a little bit embarrassed to say that we are just a little bit proud to be part of the campervan gang now. First thing one morning we got a wave from a fellow driver and it gave us a cosy feeling inside. We want to pass on that cosy feeling. Not to cars or lorries, and definitely not to caravans. That would be like the Mods waving to the Rockers. We can tell from the return wave if it’s that first cosy feeling for the recipient or if they are old pros. The driver has primary responsibility for the wave, and the passenger is standby in case there is a gear change at waving time. Keeps us amused all day. It is, admittedly, only our first week in the gang.

Falling out

Took us almost a whole hour for before the first falling out. But the bonus is that there’s nowhere to hide. So far, then, we have had to make up pretty quickly. It is, admittedly, only our first week. Maybe we could keep data and produce graphs showing the most common falling out topics to assist other travelling families.


We are pleased to report that we have had only one so far. 32km from the house. Matt and Neil were onto it in a shot. We leave the house, not to return till next summer, on Wednesday. That means that we’ve been able to order a new tyre off the Internet and tweak the in-van toolkit for maximum efficiency. We could give the McLaren team a run for their money any day.

We leave on Wednesday because we have a few last minute things to do. 1. Pack 2. Dentist for Adam 3. Hep A and Typhoid injections for us all for Thailand, maybe Cambodia. We’ve managed to get a hold of some typhoid injections despite the stock shortage that there seems to be country-wide. So they are ordered and will arrive at the pharmacy tomorrow morning to be administered Wednesday. 5 sore arms anticipated, so hopefully no punctures, fall outs, and I dare say not much waving for the day.

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10 Replies to “Wednesday it is.”

  1. We miss waving-when we had our Fiat Multipla other Multipla drivers used to exchange waves. Doesn’t happen now we have a boring Ford S Max. Bon voyage

    1. Must be a fiat thing :). Thanks Estelle. x

  2. Great stuff and Bon voyage. Looking forward to the installments…it’ll save me buying the book! xx Stay safe and enjoy.

  3. So exciting! Really looking forward to reading more,

  4. Carol Marshall says:

    Well bon voyage, hope you all have the trip of a lifetime! Enjoy and return safely. Xx

  5. Sorry I didnt get to give you all hugs before you left. What is the first stopping point???

    1. Here’s a cyber (hug) Abbey xx. We are in Perigueux today on way to Bergerac (wine) and then Roquefort. J xx

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