You can help a REAL Elephant today……yep, today. A real elephant.

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By Jen

…..or tomorrow morning over breakfast. Or at lunch time. If you’ve never been involved in crowd-funding before, where ordinary people make extraordinary things happen, you just click on this green link. And tadaaaa, you’ve helped buy a little bit of land to rehome an elephant.

Pachyderme cafe Paris

The Pachyderme cafe in Paris. Most of us are suckers for elephants.

Most of us love elephants. Most of us grew up with elephant characters in our first picture books. Stripey, colourful ones. Most of us have watched documentaries about how faithful and protective elephants are towards their families.

Many of us don’t know that the only elephants that will be left in the world for our grandchildren to see will be stripy ones in picture books. Nor that, as we understand more about them, the elephants we are seeking to rehome in their retirement years actually have nowhere to go.

Elephant Haven have an Indigogo crowd funding underway right now. They need help to make a safe and comfortable home for these retired lady elephants. Bans are happening all over Europe – stopping elephants working in circuses – but there’s not really a plan for where these Ellies will go. These hard-working ladies need a home!!

Please help make this happen. The elephant experts and ready, they just need donations to make it a reality. Maybe one day you’ll be able to visit Elephant Haven with your children or grandchildren. Learn about these amazing animals. Even make elephant poo paper if you fancy….


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